About Abstract-Ed

I’d like to share a video with you as I believe it embodies the inspiration of my blog.

The video above demonstrates where I am now with education, however it is important to note that I have been in education for the last 30+ years in some form or another.  Originally I was told I wasn’t university material in high-school, then I travelled non-traditional path as a mature transfer-student through my undergrad, bartending through my undergraduate degree, to working for a private career-college, then a globally renowned institution and recently being accepted into several MBA programs.  These experiences have allowed me to look at education through a very different lens and fuel the content of Abstract-Ed.

The true tipping point that allowed me to realize that education was more than just an interest, but developing into a true passion was after watching one of the most popular Ted Talks in history.  I would like to share the thoughts of Sir Ken Robinson as it demonstrates the drive behind everything I do in education, including this blog.  I hope you enjoy as we discuss all facets of learning and how it relates to anyone looking to engage in the post-secondary environment.  You will find links to exceptional podcasts like Freakonomics, insight from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, ideas from thought-leaders like Michel Foucault, translations of challenging admissions language and how to find truth-nuggets in fake news.