The University of Victoria (UVic) is located in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities and is a globally recognized institution for Engineering and Earth and Ocean Sciences. The Pacific Rim breeds a sense of inquisition and exploration to approximately 21,000 students and provides a plethora of reasons to choose UVic as a place to study.


Times Higher Education World University Rankings has UVic in the top 301 – 350 range and that might not seem all that impressive, but UVic is considered as part of the top 150 under 50 years old.

QS Rankings – 325

Macleans – 3 in the Comprehensive Category in Canada.

Let it be known, I personally think that rankings are misleading and the least effective way to choose a university.  I have added them to this overview because I still believe it is important to have an idea of how the institution is viewed from a global and national perspective.

What is important to identify is that UVic provides a unique learning environment for 10 faculties and 2 divisions.  Some highlight research being conducted at UVic is digitizing killer whale songs at OrcaLab; contributing to the “green” car movement by joining an exclusive 16 team competition, EcoCAR; building on a commitment to their unique relationship with Canada’s First People.


Superstar Prof: Dr. Harald Krebs, School of Music.  Dr Krebs receives UVic’s highest academic honour.  It isn’t often that you come across a prof who bakes cookies for his students and is thanked by students after every lecture because of the content delivery and ultimate engagement.  Prof. Krebs is renowned not only for his teaching, but his research and musical talents as well.  Check out Dr. Krebs bio.


96% were satisfied or very satisfied with their UVic education.

Since 1968, UVic has won 65 Canadian national team championships

156 Vikes athletes, coaches and alumni have represented Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, winning 12 gold medals, eight silver, and six bronze and an additional 36 medals at the Paralympics Games.

Highlights from experiential learning at UVic – join one of the best coastal marine research facilities at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre; UVic has over 50 partnership agreements with institutions in 21 countries; Practicum learning is available in nursing, social work, child and youth care and education; and a robust Co-op program.



Tuition: Depends on program/# of classes and co-op – approximately $6,100 – $8,300 which is about average in Canada.

Scholarships: Non-renewable ranging from $1500 to $2500 (avg.)and renewable scholarships up to $26,000 (low-mid range).

According to, Victoria is the 3rd most expensive city in Canada.  Apparently, 500 gr. (16 oz) of local cheese will cost you $9 cdn, 12 eggs (large) will cost $4.10 cdn, 1 litre of gas $1.17 cdn, monthly ticket of public transport $84 cdn and monthly rent will be between $1,361 to $1,813.  If you are considering UVic, I recommend using the Cost of Living and Salary Calculator on


In conclusion, UVic provides a top-rated education and has unique specializations, experiential opportunities and a campus setting that is second to none.  If you are considering BC, but don’t necessarily want Vancouver, UVic provides everything that you are looking for.  But, it does come at a cost.  As seen, Victoria is the 3rd most expensive city in Canada and the scholarships offered by UVic are on the low to average side at best.  If UVic provides what you are looking for, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket.


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